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Produkte zum Begriff aesthetics:

Men's Aesthetics  Gebunden
Men's Aesthetics Gebunden

Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment The first edition of Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment edited by leading dermatologist Jeremy Brauer is a comprehensive and exciting new entry into the fascinating discipline of minimally invasive treatments for men. This book assembles a group of renowned experts from around the world to cover a range of topics in the field including aesthetic preferences of men anatomical changes in men as they age as well as a variety of treatments and procedures from volumizing the face to the use of neuromodulators and fillers chemical peels lasers lights and energy devices skin tightening and treating male pattern hair loss and hair restoration. The thoughtful discussions on aesthetic concerns in men men of color and transgender patients will be of particular interest for those interested in building growing and maintaining a well-rounded male aesthetic practice. Key Highlights: - 12 procedural chapters that cover a wide range of minimally invasive treatments for men - Clinical pearls that impart best practice allowing the reader to digest important facts and nuances of the procedures covered in the book - Instructive step-wise videos that detail targeted procedures - 200 illustrations and clinical photos from thousands of procedures performed by the authors This is an invaluable guide for practitioners interested in the spectrum of male aesthetic topics and will be helpful both to novices as well as seasoned veterans in the aesthetic medicine field. This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality authenticity or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

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Aesthetics Of Religion  Gebunden
Aesthetics Of Religion Gebunden

Sinceits founding by Jacques Waardenburg in 1971 Religion and Reason has been a leading forum for contributions on theories theoretical issues and agendas related to the phenomenon and the study of religion. Topics include (among others) category formation comparison ethnophilosophy hermeneutics methodology myth phenomenology philosophy of science scientific atheism structuralism and theories of religion. From time to time the series publishes volumes that map the state of the art and the history of the discipline.

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Evolutionary Aesthetics  Kartoniert (TB)
Evolutionary Aesthetics Kartoniert (TB)

Evolutionary aesthetics is the attempt to understand the aesthetic judgement of human beings and their spontaneous distinction between beauty and ugliness as a biologically adapted ability to make important decisions in life. The hypothesis is - both in the area of natural beauty and in sexuality with regard to landscape preferences but also in the area of artificial beauty (i.e. in art and design) - that beauty opens up fitness opportunities while ugliness holds fitness risks. In this book this adaptive view of aesthetics is developed theoretically presented on the basis of numerous examples and its consequences for evolutionary anthropology are illuminated.

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Aesthetics - Nicolai Hartmann  Kartoniert (TB)
Aesthetics - Nicolai Hartmann Kartoniert (TB)

The book is the first English translation of Nicolai Hartmann's final book published in 1953. It will be of value to graduate students in philosophy scholars concerned with 20th century Continental philosophy students of aesthetics and art history and criticism and persons in and out of academic philosophy who wish to develop their aesthetic understanding and responsiveness to art and music. Aesthetics Hartmann believes centers on the phenomenon of beauty and art objectivates beauty but beauty exists only for a prepared observer. Part One explores the act of aesthetic appreciation and its relation to the aesthetic object. It discovers phenomenologically determinable levels of apprehension. Beauty appears when an observer peers through the physical foreground of the work into the strata upon which form has been bestowed by an artist in the process of expressing some theme. The theory of the stratification of aesthetic objects is perhaps Hartmann's most original and fundamental contribution to aesthetics. He makes useful and perceptive distinctions between the levels in which beauty is given to perception by nature in the performing and the plastic arts and in literature of all kinds. Part Two develops the phenomenology of beauty in each of the fine arts. Then Hartmann explores some traditional categories of European aesthetics most centrally those of unity of value and of truth in art. Part Three discusses the forms of aesthetic values. Hartmann contrasts aesthetic values with moral values and this exploration culminates in an extensive phenomenological exhibition of three specific aesthetic values the sublime the charming and the comic. A brief appendix never completed by the author contains some reflections upon the ontological implications of aesthetics. Engaged in constant dialogue with thinkers of the past especially with Aristotle Kant and Hegel Hartmann corrects and develops their insights by reference to familiar phenomena of art especially with Shakespeare Rembrandt and Greek sculpture and architecture. In the course of his analysis he considers truth in art (the true-to-life and the essential truth) the value of art and the relation of art and morality. The work stands with other great 20th century contributors to art theory and philosophical aesthetics: Heidegger Sartre Croce Adorno Ingarden and Benjamin among others.

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Wie funktioniert die Brustvergrößerung bei MC Aesthetics?

Bei MC Aesthetics wird die Brustvergrößerung in der Regel durchgeführt, indem Implantate in die Brust eingesetzt werden. Der Eingr...

Bei MC Aesthetics wird die Brustvergrößerung in der Regel durchgeführt, indem Implantate in die Brust eingesetzt werden. Der Eingriff erfolgt unter Vollnarkose und dauert etwa 1-2 Stunden. Die Implantate können entweder über einen Schnitt in der Brustumschlagfalte oder über einen Schnitt in der Achselhöhle eingesetzt werden.

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Was sind die Erfahrungen mit mc aesthetics?

Es gibt gemischte Erfahrungen mit mc aesthetics. Einige Kunden berichten von positiven Ergebnissen und einer professionellen Behan...

Es gibt gemischte Erfahrungen mit mc aesthetics. Einige Kunden berichten von positiven Ergebnissen und einer professionellen Behandlung, während andere von schlechtem Kundenservice und unzufriedenstellenden Ergebnissen berichten. Es ist wichtig, vor der Entscheidung für eine Behandlung bei mc aesthetics gründlich zu recherchieren und sich über die Erfahrungen anderer Kunden zu informieren.

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Hat jemand schon Erfahrungen mit der Klinik in Köln gemacht, mc aesthetics?

Ich kann keine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit der Klinik mc aesthetics in Köln teilen, da ich ein KI-Modell bin und keine persönlich...

Ich kann keine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit der Klinik mc aesthetics in Köln teilen, da ich ein KI-Modell bin und keine persönlichen Erfahrungen habe. Es wäre am besten, nach Bewertungen und Erfahrungsberichten von anderen Patienten zu suchen, um mehr Informationen über die Klinik zu erhalten.

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Aesthetics - Bence Nanay  Kartoniert (TB)
Aesthetics - Bence Nanay Kartoniert (TB)

Bence Nanay introduces aesthetics a branch of philosophy that explores the nature of art beauty and taste. Looking beyond traditional artistic experiences he defends the topic from accusations of elitism and shows how more everyday experiences such as the pleasure in a soft fabric or falling leaves can become the subject of aesthetics.

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Chasing Aesthetics - Mario Dalpra  Gebunden
Chasing Aesthetics - Mario Dalpra Gebunden

It is not always raining in Bali ... But the sculptures of Dalpra still shine ... and sometimes reflect the shape of raindrops discovered again on that magnificent island ... The raindrops slide down the sleek surface ... The drops absorb abundant reflections of ethnic plants and the shapes of mountains. But they become deformed before they reach the earth. Now the reshaped puddle replicates the form of the object standing above albeit in a rather distorted way. Here its bright blue metal colour mingles with the still ominous blue sky. The mountain repeating the line of the breasts interposes the mirrored image inside. The monsoon season appeared in beautiful Bali and covered all the landscapes with tropical rain. It also dared to trace the strangers- sculptures by an artist who created them here.

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Post-Global Aesthetics  Kartoniert (TB)
Post-Global Aesthetics Kartoniert (TB)

Phenomena such as the Covid-19 pandemic climate change or the surge of political populism show that the current phase of accelerated globalization is over. New concepts are needed in order to respond to this exhaustion of the global project: the volume scrutinizes these responses in the aesthetic realm and under a post-global banner while incorporating alternative non-Western epistemologies and literatures of the post-colonial Global South.

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Decolonial Aesthetics Ii  Kartoniert (TB)
Decolonial Aesthetics Ii Kartoniert (TB)

This book features writing by 17 authors from Germany and from African and Latin American countries on highly diverse aesthetic phenomena as seen from their own different points of view. The texts in this volume all deal with the imperative of 'decolonization': they try to highlight aesthetic strategies for the (re)discovery of unthematized misappropriated transcultural and even transcontinental histories and memories and aesthetic practices that are absent from or too little perceived within national consciousnesses. Novels poems and musical performances from the East African region are analysed as intertwined histories of the Indian Ocean and its different languages. Artworks of the Black Atlantic and perceptions of Africa are discussed from for example Brazilian perspectives. Within the German context decolonisation strategies in exhibition practices in ethnological or art museums developed by Nigerian artists are evaluated; new terms such as 'dividuation' are proposed to describe these contemporary composite-cultural entanglements and so on. A stimulating wide-ranging and heterogeneous portrait of contemporary interwoven world cultures!

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Christian Kracht's Aesthetics  Kartoniert (TB)
Christian Kracht's Aesthetics Kartoniert (TB)

The contributions to this volume are devoted to Christian Kracht's aesthetics under two main aspects: On the one hand with regard to sometimes irritatingly twisted actualizations of that self-reference and reservation which since Kant is to be evaluated as a central mode of the aesthetic; on the other hand with regard to interferences with areas that are usually perceived as extra-aesthetic but which can be evaluated as ferments of contemporary aesthetics: Stagings in the field of the literary establishment the aesthetic under media and market conditions and in the focus of canonization and criticism. Kracht's Frankfurt Poetics Lectures which were intensively commented on by the media form the background to this discussion.

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Aesthetics And Neuroscience  Kartoniert (TB)
Aesthetics And Neuroscience Kartoniert (TB)

This edited monograph provides a compelling analysis of the interplay between neuroscience and aesthetics. The book broaches a wide spectrum of topics including but not limited to mathematics and creator algorithms neurosciences of artistic creativity paintings and dynamical systems as well as computational research for architecture. The international authorship is genuinely interdisciplinary and the target audience primarily comprises readers interested in transdisciplinary research between neuroscience and the broad field of aesthetics.

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Atmosphere And Aesthetics  Kartoniert (TB)
Atmosphere And Aesthetics Kartoniert (TB)

This book provides a presentation of the concept of atmosphere in the realm of aesthetics. An atmosphere is meant to be an emotional space. Such idea of atmosphere has been more and more subsumed by human and social sciences in the last twenty years thereby becoming a technical notion. In many fields of the Humanities affective life has been reassessed as a proper tool to understand the human being and is now considered crucial. In this context the link between atmospheres and aesthetics becomes decisive. Nowadays aesthetics is no longer only a theory of art but has recovered its original vocation: to be a general theory of perception conceived of as an ordinary experience of pre-logical character. In its four parts (Atmospheric turn? Senses and Spaces Subjects and Communities Aesthetics and Art Theory) this volume discusses whether atmospheres could take the prominent and paradigmatic position previously held by art in order to make sense of such sensible experience of the world.

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Aesthetics And Politics  Kartoniert (TB)
Aesthetics And Politics Kartoniert (TB)

Through comparative and integrated case studies this book demonstrates how aesthetics becomes politics in cultural policy. Contributors from Norway Sweden and the UK analyse exactly what happens when art is considered relevant for societal development at both a practical and theoretical level. Cultural policy is seen here as a mechanism for translating values that through organized and practical aesthetical judgement lend different forms of agency to the arts. What happens when aesthetical value is reinterpreted as political value? What kinds of negotiations take place at a cultural policy ground level when values are translated and reinterpreted? By addressing these questions the editors present an original collection that effectively centralises and investigates the role of aesthetics in cultural policy research.

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